Computer Systems Available
Low Cost, Quality Computers for
Families and Nonprofit Organizations

Who qualifies?:
• Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations with a valid EIN
• Anyone that has a Medi-Cal benefits card
• Anyone receiving government assistance such as food stamps, Section 8
housing, Healthy Families, etc. Call if further information is needed
• 65 years or older

All systems include:
• All systems have been fully tested before placement
• Software: Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2007,  anti-spyware, anti-virus and Adobe
Acrobat Reader
• One-year Warranty: We will repair or replace the system at our option when unit is
returned to our facility. If it is determined that a unit must be replaced, we will
attempt to replace it with as close a system to the original as possible.
We do not

Desktop System(minimum configuration)
1) Pentium IV or Core2 1.2GHz and higher, 1Gb RAM, 80GB hard drive and
higher, CD/DVD, 10/100 NIC, Color LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse and cables.

Laptop Computers
1) Pentium IV (M) or Core2  1.5GHz and higher, 1Gb RAM, 60GB hard drive and
higher, CD ROM, 10/100 NIC, Wireless NIC, power adapter.
a nonprofit organization