Our Story
Paradox Community Technologies, Inc. (Paradox
CT) is a 501 C(3) nonprofit organization based
in Newbury Park, California in Ventura County.
We are surrounded by beautiful mountains and
citrus orchards, yet our community has some of
the lowest income residents in Ventura County.
Families work hard to survive and send their
children to school but often can’t afford the tools
needed at home to enable their children to
complete their assignments in this ever-
increasingly technology-driven world. Paradox
CT was born out of this need.

Heidi, a young mother, wanted to make a
positive change in her life. She was working full-
time, going to school, raising her son and trying
to complete her homework at night. Schools and
libraries were closed in the evening. Many times
Heidi was at our house until 2:00 a.m. completing papers. She did not have the
resources to purchase her own computer and printer, nor did she have the
training needed to use them effectively.

Looking for a solution (and a full night’s sleep) we thought there must be
someone willing to donate a used computer. We were right! A family was willing to
donate their computer along with the necessary software and a printer so that
Heidi could complete her work. After some basic training from Paradox CT, Heidi
was up and running. Because of the donated computer and the work of Paradox
CT, she was able to do her schoolwork at home, spend time with her son and
ultimately graduate!
a nonprofit organization